Founded in 1960

In 1973 the name was changed to its current name World Lebanese Cultural Union, as to satisfy Brazilian Law.

IN 1973 the new name WLCU was adopted by the organization worldwide, and in USA in New York it was officially registered by Atif Eid using the new name WLCU of NY.

In 1976 in NY in USA the Non-profit recognition 501-C (3) was granted to the WLCU of NY organization.

In 1995 due to the unstable unsafe condition in Lebannon and internal despute among the memebrs, some members left the organizartion. However some continuet to operate under the WLCU trademark in violation of the WLCU Bylaws, as amended and adopted in 1985. which created confusion among the Lebanese NRL as to who and what is the True Organization. As result the organization was severly effected and weakend.

In 2005 after the Syrian army pulled out of the Lebanon, and the security situation in Lebanon became more apparent, the Organization reved up its activities and started to re-organize it self.

In 2010 a new WLCU World Presidnet, Albert Matta was Elected at a World Conference which was held in Beirut on Septemebr 18 and 19.

In 2012 the US Federal Court rulled in our favor in the Trade Mark infrinigment case that was filed agianst WLCU (us) by WLCU Mass. a group who long lost their status as a wlcu chapter how ever still claim they are accociated with WLCU.

In 2103 a new WLCU board was elected in Beirut, Lebanon at the 15th World Conference.

we will post more info as it happens

Opening of our new Office in Califonria is under way

Our need for more space is growing! we will soon open a new office in Ornage County California. Address and location will be updated soon.