Who can Join WLCU?

  1. Lebanese living or working abroad (i.e. Non Resident Lebanese (NRL))
  2. People of Lebanese descendant living or working abroad
  3. Lebanese Groups, Lebanese Clubs and Lebanese Non-Profit Organizations operating abroad.

Do I have to Be a Lebanese Citizen to Join?

No, anyone of Lebanese descendant can join.

What are the fees to join?

Fees are set by the world board.
Currently the fee is $25 annually per adult (over 18).
Kids under 18 are free.

Do I have to Join WLCU to participate in activities and programs?

No, anyone can participate in our activities and we encourage volunteers to assist in our programs and activities. Volunteering is a great way to serve your community.

How can I find out if there is a Local Chapter in my Area?

When you send your membership application request form (Join WLCU), we will email your information to your Local Chapter; if there are no local WLCU chapters in your area, we will recommend the nearest Chapter.

Can I form a WLCU Chapter in my Area?

Yes, however you must first send a request for authorization and instructions. There are some restrictions: there can only be one chapter per city so please contact us first to find out if a chapter already exists in your city and if there are none, we will forward you instructions and permit to use the Name and Logo.

Who can use the WLCU Name and Logo?

Only WLCU registered Chapters, Groups, Clubs and Non-Profit Organizations can use the name and logo,and this is done through formal Authorization (Permit) from WLCU National Council President (contact us for more details and restrictions).