Child Registration

We help where the need is greatest. WLCU is assisting the Lebanese community in Child Registration:

  • Our Children can't register themselves, it is our duty as the parents of these children to make sure that our Children’s Birth Certificate is registered in Lebanon; this is the best way to make sure that our children retain their Lebanese Citizen’s Full Rights.
  • We have also engaged an Attorney in Lebanon that will assist you in this process if the need arises for an Attorney to be involved.

Please download the necessary forms. Follow the instructions carefully, attach all the necessary documents and send the full package to your local Lebanese Embassy (for most areas), for New York area WLCU can assist you. You can email the completed documents to [email protected] or fax it to (714) 441-8411

Birth/Child Registration Please send the following documents to your nearest Embassy/ Consulate:

  • Fill out completely the Birth Application
  • Original Birth Certificate + One notarized copy.
  • Father's Lebanese ID Card or a recent Family Civil Registry Record (Ikhraj Kayd).
  • Mother's Lebanese ID Card or Birth Certificate (if she is not Lebanese).
  • Lebanese Marriage Certificate of parents.
  • Two Self-Stamped return addressed envelopes.
  • Registration is Free