WLCU World President, Albert Matta said in an interview posted by al-mohajer.com on 7-27-2015, there is a need to establish a new tourism strategy in order to help restore Lebanon's image. 

President Albert Matta, said in an article posted by al-mohajer.com, that due to the ugly images of trash piling up all over the streets of Beirut and the wide spread corruption in Lebanon, many potential visitors are turned off, and that we must work together to put in place a tourism strategy that will address the concerns of potential tourists. Also to put out a marketing campaign with the assistance of the Media, so that we can help restore Lebanon's image world wide....He also added, with the help of WLCU members and partners, we can accomplish this very important mission, as we all know the value of tourism to our mother land.

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    WLCU World President Albert Matta

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    WLCU General Secretariat Atif Eid


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